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On Sunday the 27th of September, Vakgericht 1 played its third game of the season. We played at our own field against EKC Nääs 3. It was a rainy day and it promised to become a rainy game.

Thomas, Luuk, Mariëlle and Amelia started in attack. Joost, Maarten, Merel and Hanna started in defense. Hanna was our captain again, as usual.

Vakgericht started the game strongly. We already took a good lead, despite the rain. The rain made the game a bit slower than normal, which came in our advantage this time.

After a short rest, so not to cool down too much, our hunt for the points could continue. Fortunately we managed to keep our lead! We left the field as the winners! The final score was 13-6.

This Sunday, October 6th, we play an away game against AKC 3 in Almelo.

*English below*

Gisteravond had Vakgericht 1 een inhaalwedstrijd tegen AKC (Al) 3, deze wedstrijd was thuis en mede daarom hadden we een publiek van welgeteld 3 mensen van Vakgericht en 3 mensen van AKC. Vakgericht begon met Amelia, Nan, Rens en Thomas in de aanval en Daan, Mart, Sara en Hanna in de verdediging. 

We gaan het verder niet hebben over hoe de score ging, dat zijn we helaas vergeten. Wel was het een hele leuke wedstrijd, we hebben leuke grapjes gemaakt en hard gelachen omdat er werd verdedigd in de aanval, mis werd geschoten en stomme acties werden gemaakt. Kortom het was een leuke wedstrijd!

De volgende wedstrijd is zondag om 16:30 thuis tegen EKC Nääs



On Sunday the 22nd of September Vakgericht 1 was ready to play against EKC Nääs 3. It was a sunny Sunday morning and we were looking forward to the game. After a warm warming up it was time to start the game.

Thomas, Luuk, Michelle and Amelia started in attack. Joost, Jasper, Merel and Hanna started in defense. Hanna was, just like the previous game, our captain.

Luuk opened the score with a long shot. Unfortunately, our defense committed a foul and EKC Nääs was awarded a penalty. This penalty was scored, making the score 1-1. Memorable moment: Joost blocked the star player of EKC Nääs, Frank Landkroon (a well-known to most korfball players around here). EKC Nääs then managed to hit the basket twice by two doorloop-balls. One of these doorloop-balls was a nice ball behind the basket of our former trainer Bertil.

In response to Bertil's doorloop-ball, Luuk scored a goal behind the basket, making it 3-2. Then Thomas had a nice short chance behind the basket, scoring the 3-3.

Unfortunately, EKC Nääs scored a shot, a doorloop-ball and another goal, allowing to extend their lead to 6-3. Thomas then happily broke through their series and scored the 6-4 for Vakgericht. Before the break EKC Nääs managed to find the basket once more. The result with which we entered the break was 7-4.

After a good discussion and some cooling down in the shade it was time for the second half!

The first goal in the second half was scored by EKC Nääs. Fortunately Michelle then made a nice long shot, making it 8-5. Next, EKC Nääs scored 9-5 and 10-5 on the go. After that, Vakgericht was lucky to score again. We brought the score to 10-8 thanks to a shot from Merel and two shots from Thomas. Then EKC Nääs scored the 11-8, 12-8 and 13-8 in a row. Both teams then scored, making the final score 14-9.



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